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Social Media CRM
IntelliBuzz functions as a Social Media CRM tool to help customer service organizations track and respond to comments, questions and complaints as they happen. Route posts from customers to your support team and track activity to ensure all posts (especially bad ones) are responded to before going viral.
Using IntelliBuzz in your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) strategy allows you to:
Constantly Search Through Millions of Sites
Social Media has given power to customers to say what they want about your business. Fortunately, a timely and on-point response from you can turn a potentially disastrous situation into an opportunity to show future customers your commitment to customer service.
Before you can take action, though, you must know when someone posts about you online. IntelliBuzz is constantly searching through millions of blogs, social media pages, and websites looking for mentions about your brand. The data is immediately displayed in your IntelliBuzz portal so you can find it quickly.
The power of IntelliBuzz is that by simply logging in and looking at your dashboard, you have a consolidated view of everything that is being said about your brand anywhere on the internet! You will discover posts from websites that you didn’t even know existed. By harnessing the tremendous search ability of IntelliBuzz, you gain the knowledge that allows you to quickly respond to customers.
Respond to Customers More Quickly
Now that you can see all comments about your brand, you have the ability to respond to every post- right from within the IntelliBuzz portal. There is no need to log in to each social media website, from your IntelliBuzz dashboard, you can reply directly to each post.
Plus, IntelliBuzz stores each response so Customer Service managers can keep track to ensure that every comment or question is addressed- BEFORE going viral.
Automatic Sentiment Analysis
Whereas it might be nice to know everything that is being said online, customer service teams are primarily concerned with negative comments or questions from customers, which are treated with priority. IntelliBuzz's automatic sentiment analyzer looks at the words used in every post and determines if that post is negative or positive. With this information, you can route negative posts to different departments or teams so they can be dealt with immediately.
Streamline with Worlkflow Automation
Often companies will assign the responsibility of social media to a single department or team. However, with online posts increasing, you can expect that responding to social media inquiries will quickly outgrow the capabilities of a single team.
IntelliBuzz has Workflow Automation capabilities that let you treat social media as another queue in your CRM strategy. Social media posts are routed in a queue- just like incoming phone calls, emails or chat sessions. Tracking reports give managers the information to ensure that posts are responded to within expected timeframes.
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