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How Intellibuzz Works for Sales
Sales intelligence lays the foundation for insight-driven selling. Even though social media is the world’s largest sales database, without the right tools it can feel like a chaotic world of information overload (of data and noise).
We all know information is power. What if you could leverage social sales intelligence to make you more relevant, competitive and successful?
So, how do salespeople filter through the wealth of knowledge to uncover the social media nuggets about their customers, suppliers, competitors and industry? IntelliBuzz enables salespeople to harness the plethora of information that's available and easily gathers relevant data, builds relationships and ultimately, closes more deals.
Social selling is an incredibly useful tool to enhance current sales activities within each phase of the sales cycle.
  • Helps reps find and connect to potential prospects and current customers
  • Increases productivity and speeds up sales research
  • Identifies decision makers and influencers and uncovers opportunities
  • Enables real-time engagement when it matters – when buyers are mentioning something related to your solution or market
  • Increases the number of touch points with customers & prospects
  • Generates opportunities to stay engaged with prospects by sharing relevant and targeted info
  • Shows how you stack up against the competition in the social arena
  • Helps keep you abreast of potential opportunities in their market
  • Notifies salespeople of trigger events, such as funding development, executive leadership changes and new product offerings
  • Accelerates deals
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