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The IntelliBuzz Site receives names, e-mail addresses or other personal information only when personally submitted by users on the optional Contact Us feedback feature or when ordering a particular service. The feedback feature allows users to ask specific questions of IntelliBuzz or offer feedback, comments or suggestions about our company, services and the IntelliBuzz Site. This information is not gathered by IntelliBuzz without users' knowing, active permission and participation. The information submitted enables IntelliBuzz to respond to user inquiries and obtain a measure of users' needs, interests and ideas for future product and web site development. When you submit an order on-line, your credit card number is submitted to the credit institution for normal, routine processing. IntelliBuzz does not share credit history or credit card information with other unaffiliated companies or third parties, unless compelled by law or court order to do so. IntelliBuzz respects the privacy of users visiting the IntelliBuzz Site and does not share any personally identifiable information with any unaffiliated third parties.
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