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Workflow Automation
A Workflow Automation framework facilitates integration with your existing systems and infrastructure to allow seamless, automated routing and tracking of social media tasks in a team environment.
IntelliBuzz Workflow Automation expands your social media strategy beyond just the marketing department. Once your social media activity starts accelerating, it will quickly become too much for one person or even one team to handle.
With Workflow Automation, you can setup triggers to automatically open support tickets when certain types of social media activity is found. A question from a customer can be automatically routed to a customer service queue. A negative tweet by a highly influential social magnate can be routed to a marketing manager for immediate response.
Task and Team Management will help ensure that all social media mentions that require a response are quickly addressed. Turn a potentially disastrous viral tweet into a respected demonstration of your company’s ability to quickly respond to customers.
Task Management
  • Assign tasks to team members
  • Message your members for collaboration
  • Set priority to task assigned
  • Receive updates about changes on the systems
Team Management
  • Create groups & assign users
  • Assign roles to each user
  • Activity report of each members
  • Broadcast message to team members
  • Share resources within team
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