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Social Media Analytics
A Social Media Analytics dashboard makes sense of the social chatter by producing real-time snapshots and historical trending reports about WHO is talking about your brand and WHAT they are saying. Discover important demographic information about your customers including gender, age, and geographic location and compare your social activity to that of your competitors.
IntelliBuzz Social Media Analytics brings you a powerful, one-stop data mining and reporting engine that extracts intelligent information from social chatter and your social media activities.
Rather than spending hours searching the web for mentions about your brand, using IntelliBuzz’s Analytics and Reporting efficiently makes sense of all the noise. Focus on what really matters by analyzing customized, targeted reports that are automatically prepared for you based on the criteria you have specified. Gone are the days of drowning in data while starving for knowledge.
IntelliBuzz Social Media Analytics provides you with the exact information you need. Leverage this valuable insight to improve future marketing activities with content and programs that are more tailored to your audience.
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