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Brand Monitoring − Social Media Brand Monitoring allows you to keep your ear to the ground and hear what customers are saying about your brand and company in all relevant social media outlets – Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, blogs, YouTube, forums, community sites, news sites and more.
Social Media Analytics − A Social Media Analytics dashboard makes sense of the social chatter by producing real-time snapshots and historical trending reports about WHO is talking about your brand and WHAT they are saying. Discover important demographic information about your customers including gender, age, and geographic location and compare your social activity to that of your competitors.
Sentiment Analysis − Sentiment Analysis automatically determines whether social media mentions and posts are positive (good) or negative (bad). This valuable information provides your business the opportunity to properly route and respond to each post immediately supporting both your company’s marketing and customer service strategies. The IntelliBuzz sentiment analysis engine consistently shows 80% accuracy, proving to be one of the most accurate in the industry.
Social Media Profile Management − Social Media Profile Management provides a single, consolidated dashboard from which you can see activity, make posts and schedule future posts to your Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, and YouTube accounts.
IntelliBuzz functions as a Social Media CRM − tool to help customer service organizations track and respond to comments, questions and complaints as they happen. Route posts from customers to your support team and track activity to ensure all posts (especially bad ones) are responded to before going viral
Workflow Automation − A Workflow Automation framework facilitates integration with your existing systems and infrastructure to allow seamless, automated routing and tracking of social media tasks in a team environment.
Getting Started with Social Media Analytics − IntelliBuzz is more than just a social media tool- it is a full program with support to help your business get the most value from social media activity. Experts are available to help with implementation, competitive analysis and ongoing support
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