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Retail customers love to go online - from sharing a great shopping experience they had to seeking advice about a specific purchase before they buy.
Customers are talking – a lot. Are you listening, tracking and responding? Don’t place your existing loyalty, brand, market share and revenues at risk, especially when IntelliBuzz can help you derive so much value.
Social Media FEATURES for Retailers:
  • Monitors millions of sites in real-time and extracts data that matches your brand profile
  • Captures the source and sentiment of each post for deeper analysis and follow up
  • Creates reports to help you dive deep into data, share it with others and make informed decisions
  • Benchmarks against competitors
  • Identify trends affecting your industry
Social Media BENEFITS for Retailers:
  • Gain a clearer understanding of your target consumer base
  • Uncover the root feelings about your brand, products or shopping experience
  • Utilize social media tools to quantify ROI for online sales
  • Gain insights to promote more products more effectively to individual consumers
  • Build a brand conscious community; develop a collaborative and open relationship with your fan base
  • Identify trends affecting your industry
  • Compare, analyze and emulate the activity of other successful retailers
How Retailers Are Using Social Media:
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