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IT & Software Companies
It’s no secret consumers use the Internet to gather information on IT and software companies, services and products. IntelliBuzz listens, engages, measures and optimizes interactions across millions of professional and consumer driven sites. IntelliBuzz helps IT and software companies harness the power of social media to become more informed, engaged, relevant and profitable.
  • Gain a wealth of info, including REAL consumer insight
  • Easily manage multiple brands
  • Aggregate and analyze social activity related to your brand, including geo-demographic info
  • Identify advocates (and detractors) of your brand and corporate reputation
    • Encourage and energize your brand advocates into a marketing force
    • Effectively respond to backlash from detractors or crisis situations
  • Integrate social data with a CRM platform and strategy
  • Competitive Bench Marking; Analyze & emulate activity of successful competitors
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