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Higher Education
Students are some of the biggest users of social media, so it only makes sense for universities to be attuned to the power of online communications. IntelliBuzz allows you to easily build a strong online presence that coincides with your organization’s goals.
MONITOR online conversations to help you gain insight and develop a better understanding of your audience (students & potential students, alumni, faculty, donors and your community)
  • How are they using social media and what info are they searching for?
  • What channels of social media are used most?
  • What are they saying about your institution?
  • What are your competitors doing in social media?
ENGAGE with your audience across multiple social channels (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and YouTube)
  • Use a single dashboard to reach your entire audience across multiple social channels
  • Use tools to seamlessly keep up with the entire social conversation and cultivate a supportive & engaged community
  • Easily view questions, comments & complaints and deliver them to the responsible team for follow up
SENTIMENT ANALYSIS monitors the health of your school’s brand and provides a deep understanding of opinions expressed in online conversations
  • Analyzes social media mentions and identifies which posts are positive or negative
  • Allows you to gain actionable business intelligence and properly route and respond to each post if you choose
  • Identifies your key influencers, themes and trends
SOCIAL MEDIA ANALYTICS provides data & reports to help your institution:
  • Aggregate and analyze social activity to gain a better understanding of your audience and enhance users online experience with your school
  • Discover important demo-graphic info and broaden your tactical reach
  • Competitive bench marking; how does your organization’s social activity compare to that of your competitors?
WORKFLOW AUTOMATION facilitates integration with your existing systems and infrastructure
  • Allow seamless, automated routing and tracking of social media tasks in a team environment
  • Task and Team Management helps ensure that all social media mentions that require a response are quickly addressed
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