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Companies are hiring agencies such as yours to help guide them through today’s ever-changing world of social media. Whether you are already an established social agency or are looking for tools to become one, IntelliBuzz is a powerful solution to help take your clients to the next level and make you even more successful.
  • Profile Management – Manage your client’s social media activities using a single, consolidated dashboard to see activity, make posts and schedule future posts
  • Brand Monitoring - Keep your ear to the ground and hear what consumers are saying about your client in all relevant social media outlets
  • Competitive Bench Marking – Analyze and compare the competitive landscape of each client, uncover new trends and opportunities and emulate the social activities of the most successful competitors
  • Relevancy Assessment – Uncover how your client is resonating with the community, what topics and trends are being talked about most and determine whether there are opportunities for your clients to reach a better audience in other channels
  • Crisis Management- Assess data in real time to help manage crisis communications, stay on top of mentions and help ensure your client’s online voice remains consistent in good times and bad
  • Influencers Dashboard – Discover key influencers as well as your client’s biggest advocates & detractors, all of which can be segmented and categorized to help your agency decipher how to best use the information to your client’s benefit
  • Social Media Analytics – Trend public opinion on how your client’s brand is perceived in relation to programs, causes and events using real-time snapshots & historical trending reports
With in-depth insights from IntelliBuzz, you and your clients can make the most of Social Media

Can you imagine getting answers even before asking a question? On social media people talk about things without even being asked. With the dynamic nature of social media in the fast lane, it is necessary to use the right infrastructure. With real time views aired online, all you have to do is to just listen, monitor and analyze.

As an agency, it is a necessity to constantly feed your clients with actionable insights. Useful insights are hard to come by. It requires extremely focused research and analysis. With millions of conversations, it becomes difficult to select the right data. IntelliBuzz helps you cut out the noise to get clear insights.
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